Sunday, July 8, 2012

For The Wasted Wildcats

Subversion is manufactured like cans of paste
used for the application of wallpaper on buildings
whose pipes and beams are stenched by
mold and corrosion; the unmaintained
foundations of the insatiable.

If everything bores you, perhaps you’re a capitalist.
If you’re doing what they pay you to do,
do something else.
If you’re doing what you’re supposed to,
Then you aren’t doing anything at all.

Be graffiti on a bank wall.
Do not be the high art of radicals
whose lips are chafed from service.
Do not be consumed by their expectations,
for these do not accept you.
They measure only your success
in preserving the stability
of borrowed power.
Be unreasonable,
for only the unreasonable
have demands worth making.
Stop running, comrade,
the old world is all around you.

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