Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snake Culture

If you’re going to mess with people’s traumas and fears, you should understand them first. Like, I’m scared of snakes, but I don’t run into snakes that often. But what if I lived in a different world. What if I had to cross the street just to avoid groups of two to four snakes hanging out together, not even because I was scared that they would bite me, but because I just didn’t want the hassle of their hissing. Then I got on a train and these snakes kept brushing up against me even though there was plenty of room on the train. Then I go to work and my boss is a snake and keeps making inappropriate comments about how their venom would feel inside of me while paying other snakes in my department more to do the same job that I do. After a day of this shit, I go home, getting fondled again by living leather shoes on the train, crossing the street to avoid the hissing, to see my partner, who I love but is a snake and their best friend, also a snake, chilling in my living room, eating a mouse and watching national geographic. The three of us go out to a comedy club filled with snakes and the comic on stage is a snake and they tell this snake-bite joke and I don’t like it at all, and my partner and their best friend don’t understand why the fuck I’m so goddamn sensitive because snake-bite jokes are hilarious.  


  1. Wow. I'm going to use this in my feminism class (properly attributed of course). Such a pithy way to express the constancy of oppression (whether gender, race or even class I suppose). Thanks, really. My students will find it most useful.

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